A video edition of my weekly newsletter!

A proper introduction, some thoughts on "giving things up" & plans for 2023

Just for kicks, today I’m testing out a video version of my weekly newsletter. Why?

  • Engaging with you is fun.

  • It’s time for a real introduction!

  • The topic of behavioral change is relevant to each of us and, in my humble opinion, it can never too much air time.

So todays’s video is a corollary to my post about Dry January. It’s also a commentary on this Sunday’s New York Times piece about alcohol.

My top-line thoughts? Changing a habit is hard. Whether it’s giving up alcohol, sugar, or our bedtime Instagram habit, effecting lasting change is not usually as simple as taking a month off. It also requires more nuanced guidance than simply tightening our adherence to public health decrees.

This video is by no means an exhaustive dive into the complexities of human behavior, but hopefully it frames how I think about the kinds of complex problems we face every day.

Thank you for watching! I welcome your comments below!

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A fun new feature! This season, every other week will be a sit-down with just you and me — where I go into more detail about the nuances of common medical issues. From the new weight loss drugs to the complexities of treating depression and anxiety, I can’t wait to share some practical advice and top-line thoughts about issues that affect our everyday lives.

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