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Thank you so much for the transcript and the information! I had not heard before that exercise actually is more important than BMI. Due to being hypothyroid, my BMI tends to be higher even though I exercise almost every day. This is very motivating to keep up the exercise over the long haul.

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I really appreciate the article introducing this podcast (which I didn't listen to because I'm one of those unusual folks who has plenty of patience to read content but not to listen or watch it). Thanks so much!

In my experience as a health coach, I deal mostly with the practical side of healthy lifestyle, not diagnose and medical intervention (which I'm unqualified to do). From that angle, I often observe weight to be a distraction from the real work of living healthfully and well.

When appropriate, I'll suggest to clients to throw their scale in the garbage. Instead of heaviness being determined by a number flashing on a square tile, try to live in a way where you're body will become an enjoyable place to live.

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