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Dr McBride, I enjoyed your article on decoupling exercise and diet and couldn’t agree with you more. I believe weight loss to be just one of the many spokes that support the wheel of good health. I don’t encourage weight loss, I encourage healthy-sustainable habits that my result in some weight loss, among other beneficial things. Unfortunately, the measure of fitness/exercise success is greatly skewed towards weight. Over the course of my 30 year career, I have found that focusing on weight has proven to be far more detrimental than beneficial. Too often, the sacrifices made to arrive at a target weight were unrealistic and untenable.

I also agree with your encouragement towards community, companionship, diversity and the freedom turn down the intensity and take time off when needed. I have had the great privilege of retaining my clients for a very long time (10-20 years). I can say with great certainty, my clients’ willingness to stay with me for such a long time has much to do with many of the elements listed in your article…the “FUN FACTOR” being number #1.

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I enjoyed this podcast. As an avid exerciser I related to the information about the benefits of consistent exercise and not connecting it to weight loss. Clearly this podcast was interesting to me but what I was waiting to hear was information for those who don’t enjoy or have time to exercise and how they could incorporate it into their lives. Dr McBride offered concrete and simple ways to add exercise into their lives without making major changes. Some ways she suggested included; walking stairs instead of taking the elevator, walking while talking on the phone, and making plans to walk with a friend.

Clearly working out is not for everyone. I appreciated hearing ideas for those who find exercising and moving difficult.

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