Who am I?

I’m a primary care doctor in Washington, DC. I’ve been seeing patients for over 20 years.

I realized early on in my career how desperate people are for straight talk and trusted guides to shepherd us through hard times—and how narrowly we define “health.”

I’m here to redefine it.

Health is more than your cholesterol and weight. Health is not an outcome; it’s a lifelong process that requires facts, courage, truth-telling and guidance.

Health is about awareness of your medical facts, acceptance of the things you cannot control, and agency over what you can change. Health is more than simply not dying; it is the painful, marvelous process of living.

Why I started writing this newsletter

The pandemic uncovered just how wired and tired we were—well before COVID. We are keyed up and burned out. We scroll online for wellness advice and health hacks. We grab quick hits of dopamine through sugar, shopping, booze, or whatever gizmo social media is offering up. We are sleepless and irritable and don’t know what’s wrong. Worse, we don’t even know who to trust. 

So, I write about the things my patients ask me about every day: viruses and vaccines; alcohol use; weight loss; exercise; aging; sex; talk therapy; hormone replacement therapy; digestive problems; osteoporosis; skeletal health; caregiver burnout; end of life decision-making; the health benefits of belonging; and giving ourselves permission not to be okay.

In addition to this newsletter, I’ve been writing for The Atlantic, The Washington Post, USA Today, The Hill and MSNBC. I’ve appeared on TV and testified in front of Congressional committees about the lessons learn from a global pandemic. (You can read about this wild ride here.)

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My story

I grew up in DC. I studied art history and pre-med at Princeton University where I met my husband. (Here we are in college.)

He and I moved to England where I earned a Master’s in Pharmacology as a Fulbright fellow from the University of Cambridge—and my now-husband played semi-professional soccer. I then attended Harvard Medical School and completed my medical internship and residency at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

You can learn more about me here.

I’m also a mom

My kids are my everything. This is our vibe as a family. (Photo ca. 2011.)

Some final thoughts

You might ask me: why am I doing any of this in the first place? Why don’t I go back to solely caring for patients (which is, after all, my enduring passion and top priority)? 

I realized early on in my career how desperate people are for straight talk and trusted guides to shepherd us through hard times—and how narrowly we define “health.”

Caring for patients and working with readers fills me with joy. I’m excited to help even more people make sense of their bodies and minds.

Thank you so much for supporting me and my work. I’m glad you are here!

❤️ Lucy 

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Dr. Lucy McBride 

Health is about more than our cholesterol & weight. It’s about awareness of your medical facts, acceptance of things you cannot control & agency over what you can change.