Sitemap - 2022 - Are You Okay?

Friday Q&A: Long COVID

Welcome to Health Huddle!

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Why Belonging Matters to our Health & Well-being

Daniela Pierre-Bravo on Why Belonging Matters for Our Health & Well-being

Friday Q&A: Preventing, Testing for & Treating Viral Infections

How to Be Seen & Heard in the Doctor's Office

Tiler Peck on How A Career-Threatening Physical Injury Helped Unlock Her Body & Mind

Friday Q&A: Hormones, Anxiety, COVID & Paxlovid

The Future of this Newsletter

Maintain Boundaries Re: Food and Family

Dr. Glynis Albright on Rejecting Diet Culture & Using Food as Medicine

Anya Kamenetz on “The Stolen Year” for Kids during COVID

Give Yourself a Break

Care for Your Underlying Health

Laurie Cameron on Mastering Mindfulness

Prep for the Holidays

Mike Bassett on Redemption, Self-Compassion, and Digging out of “The Ditch”

Myth of the Day: You Must Exercise More to Lose Weight

Elise Loehnen on Reconceptualizing Wellness and Healing

Jeffrey Blount on Elevating Underrepresented Children to Improve Health & Well-being

Myth of the Day: You Must Eat Less to Lose Weight

Myth of the Day: BMI is the Bible

Soledad O’Brien on Lifting Marginalized Communities Through Storytelling

Connect With Loved Ones

The U.S. Surgeon General on the Epidemic of Loneliness

Tip of the Day: Give Yourself and Others Some Grace

Jon Favreau on Screen Addiction and the Importance of Social Connection for Mental Health

Myth of the Day: I Don’t Need a Flu Shot

Shannon Watts on the Personal and Societal Toll of Gun Violence in America

Talk about Sex

Caralena Peterson On Effortless Perfection

Myth #5: Depression & Anxiety Medications are for Wimps

Tori Nelson on Healing Through Boxing

Myth #4: Aging Inherently Sucks

Gloria Riviera on Surviving Brain Cancer

Myth #3: Menopause Hormone Therapy is Bad for You

Meghan Daum On the Unspeakable Elements of Life, Death, and Health

Dispel Medical Myth #2: Everyone Needs the New Booster

Dr. Sunita Puri on Dying with Dignity

Dispel Medical Myth #1: I Don’t Need Therapy Because…

Phyllis Fagell, LCPC, On Post-Pandemic Parenting and the Triumphs and Struggles of Middle School

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Dr. Susan Landers On Burnout, the “Good Enough” Mother, and the Selflessness of Self-Care

What do Food and Screen Time Have in Common?

Larissa May on Digital Hygiene & the Adolescent Brain

Understand Monkeypox

Hamilton Leithauser on Performance Anxiety, Grief, and the Rockstar life

Reclaim Agency over Fear & Uncertainty

Keri Blakinger on Reclaiming her Humanity after Addiction and Incarceration

Change the Boogey

Dr. Kwadwo Kyeremanteng on Doctoring, the Pandemic, and “Changing the Boogey”

Disarm BA.5 With Immunity and Agency

Katherine Kendall on Sexual Trauma, Harvey Weinstein, and Healing through #MeToo

Understand BA.5 & the COVID Vaccine for Kids

Emily Oster on Career Crossroads and Disappointments and Data-Based Decision-Making

Take a Break

Adolescence Is No Picnic

Amy Chua on Self-Doubt, Perseverance, and Tiger Mothering

Redefine “Self-Care”

Abby Greensfelder on the Gender Pay Gap and Power of Female Storytelling

Kathleen Buhle on Addiction, Relationship Trauma, and her Divorce from Hunter Biden

Author Your Own Story

Be Your Own Advocate

Dr. Sharon Malone on Menopause, Equality and Women’s Health Care

Greg Galeazzi on his Tour of Duty in Afghanistan

Will McCormack on Addiction, Recovery, and the Pressure to Perform in Hollywood

Paxlovid is not a Panacea

Andrea Razzaghi on Racial and Gender Diversity in STEM, and Being a Woman of Color at NASA

(Try To) Make Sense of Long COVID

Get Your Rest

Mika Brzezinski on Shame, Disordered Eating, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

Scott Stossel on his Battle with Anxiety

Jennifer Sey on Pain, Perseverance, and the Power of Speaking Our Truth

Mental Health Matters

Reckon With Food

Introducing Beyond the Prescription with Lucy McBride, MD

Manage BA.2—And Our Expectations

Reckon With Alcohol

Boost Your Immunity

Alleviate Stress

Prep for BA.2

We Are Not Done

Hope and Caution Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

Unpack CDC’s New Guidance

Protect the Vulnerable

Take It From a Pediatrician

Reimagine What it Means to Be Healthy

Mind the Gap

Own Your Fear; Don’t Capitulate to it

Don’t Beat Yourself Up if You’re Infected, Exposed and/or Confused.

Replace Fear with Facts

Giddy Up for Omicron