Sitemap - 2020 - Are You Okay?

Ring in the New Year

Take a Pause - And a Few Covid Updates

Have a Safe and Healthy Holiday

Take a Moment

Hold on to Hope

Spread the Word (Not the Vaccine)

Trust Science, Get Vaccinated

Take it From Me

Think Positive, Test Negative

Test, and Test Again

Take my Own Advice

Give Thanks (But First, Make Space)

Buckle Up and Gobble Down

Keep the Facts at your Fingertips

Get a Fresh Perspective

Keep On Keeping On

Hope is Healthy

Exercise your Control

Boost your Mood

Find Humor

Let’s Talk Turkey

Go Back to Basics

Prep for Winter

Don’t Dismiss Testing

The Stock of Where we Are

Forgive Yourself, You’re Human

Keep Your Eye on the Truth

Get Outside

Test your Patience (and your Knowledge on Covid Testing)

Follow the Facts (Even if it Feels Like an Uphill Battle)

Remember that Change is Possible

Remain Vigilant (Even Though it’s Brutally Hard)

Be Nice to Yourself

Let Loose

Stay in the Present (and Toss your Crystal Ball)

Peek Under the Hood

Acknowledge the Struggle

Exhale (Into your Mask)

Get your Flu Shot

Save Face

Don’t Let the Perfect be the Enemy of the Good

Stay Informed

Hang In There

Take Control

Consider A Check-Up

It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

Follow the Evidence

Push For Better Testing

Practice Radical Acceptance

Trust Me, I’m Looking Out For You

Let’s Rethink Testing

Use My Blog as a Filter

Keep it Real

Replace Fear with Facts

Ask for Help

Spread Facts

Accept Reality

Hope for Better Days Ahead

Continue Calm Vigilance

Think Before Testing - And Fuel Up for the Long Haul

Happy Tuesday!

Practice Flexible Vigilance

Take a Cat Nap

Spread your Wings (Carefully)

Keep Hope Alive

Hit the Road

Sometimes it’s Better to React with No Reaction

Surprise Me

Find your Calling

Be Kind to Yourself

Be Honest with Yourself

Maintain Hope

Listen to your Brain

Mental Health Matters

Find your Song

Lend a Helping Hand

Acknowledge your Feelings

Boost your Immunity

Trust Science (and Marion with a Needle)


Keep Hope Alive

Stand Up

Take Action

Work Together

Go Back to Basics

Spread Facts not Virus

Mitigate Risk

Be Brave

Take it Easy

Savor the Simple

Keep Cool

Allow for Grief

Keep Reading

Assess your Risk

Cover your Mouth - Not your Personality

Enjoy the Power of Music

Be a Helper

Connect in New Ways with your Neighbors

Make the Most of What We’ve Got and Stay Hopeful for What’s to Come

Feed Your Hunger for Learning (Pictured Here is my Son in “Home EC)”

Don’t Freak Out (If Possible)

Become the President and CEO of You (and Give Yourself a Signing Bonus)

Keep on Dancing

Follow the Facts (Even When Painful, Inconvenient, and Easy to Ignore)

Don’t Succumb to the Tyranny of the Urgent

Make Your Move, Don’t Wait

Take the Hard Right Instead of the Easy Wrong

Know your Body and Ask for Help When Something Feels Amiss

Put Yourself on the Back

Make New Connections

Give Yourself a Break

Make May Mindful

Follow the Data

Write it Down

Be Well

(Virtually) Hug a Teacher

Get your Rest


Pick your Mantra

Do your Math

Pick your Path

Keep on Keeping on

No is the New Yes

Fuel Up

Trust the Future

Take your Temperature

Test your Patience

Know Where you’ve Been

Trust Science

Imagine Solutions


Stuff your Heart and Brain with Hope

Your Mind Matters

Be the Change

Listen to your Body

Fact-Check Your Thoughts

Get to Know Your Brain

Pace Yourself


Settle In

Protect Your Body and Mind

Listen to your Body

Stop the Spread

Start With The Basics

Learn Together

Grab a Book


Social Distance

Find Inspiration During Hard Times

Replace Fear With Facts

Follow the Facts

Take Action

Managing Anxiety in an Anxious Time

Stay Positive