Sitemap - 2023 - Are You Okay?

Friday Q&A: osteoporosis; Paxlovid; COVID misinformation; & breathing and heart rate

The Gift of 4-7-8 Breathing

Friday Q&A: COVID update; Long COVID; waning effectiveness of Ozempic/Wegovy; & the endless stuffy nose

Your Holiday Survival Guide: Part 2

Friday Q&A: assessing COVID risk; Ozempic/Mounjaro; booster shots; & CBD gummies for sleep

Your Holiday Survival Guide: Part 1

Friday Q&A: insomnia; full-body MRIs; aging & acceptance; & "normal" vs. worrisome pain

How to Care For Your Body with Kindness & Respect

Q&A on alcohol use: binge drinking + marijuana use; supporting a sober spouse; Ozempic + alcohol cravings; & social anxiety + alcohol

The Radical Practice of Body Acceptance

Friday Q&A: Mounjaro vs. Ozempic; forgetfulness; the snoring bed partner; & COVID testing

Is There a Link Between BMI & Health?

Friday Q&A: calcium supplements; the Ozempic plateau; dry November; & light boxes for seasonal blues

How to Calibrate Your Anxiety to the Degree of *Actual* Risk 🩺

Friday Q&A: Galleri cancer testing; Ozempic; lipoprotein(a) & heart disease; depression vs. seasonal blues

How to Manage Health Anxiety

Friday Q&A about alcohol: social anxiety; general anxiety; dry November; & alcohol's upsides

I'm Giving Up Alcohol For the Month of November

Friday Q&A: Finding The Right Doctor

Six Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Doctor Appointments

Friday Q&A: caregiver burnout; Ozempic; fall allergies vs. viral symptoms; & emotional eating

Finding Hope & Light within Darkness

Friday Q&A: All About Blood Clots🩸

Are You More or Less Social Than You Were Before COVID?

Friday Q&A: intermittent fasting; alcohol & marijuana use; Diet Coke; & blood testing for menopause?

Dr. Devorah Heitner on Growing Up in Public

Friday Q&A: silent spread of COVID; full body MRI; Ambien risks; & quantifying risk

Five Steps for Making Difficult Decisions

Friday Q&A: More COVID Queries!

Suneel Gupta on Finding Your Dharma

Friday Q&A: answering your COVID questions

Five Things To Do When You Get COVID

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Friday Q&A: COVID, masks, boosters & testing

Monica Gandhi on What's Next with COVID

Friday Q&A: about menopause providers; ozempic; when to see a therapist; & … do physical exams matter?

11 Important Health Questions: Answered!

How to Ditch Bad Habits for Good

Transcript: Wellness Expert Michael Easter Answers My Questions About Health

An Invitation to a Zoom Hangout with Me

Friday Q&A: COVID, flu & RSV

Your Guide to Fall/Winter Viruses & Vaccines

Update on RSV: The Virus, Vaccines for Older Adults & Antibodies for Kids

Update on COVID & the New COVID Booster

Update on The Flu & Flu Vaccines

Friday Q&A: COVID, flu & RSV - oh my!

The Healing Power of Psychedelic Medicine

Friday Q&A: Vitamins & Supplements

Can Dietary Supplements Do Harm?

Friday Q&A: Your Sex Questions!

Let’s Talk About Sex

Friday Q&A: a mental health roundup

Are You Anxious?

Friday Q&A: Menopause Mashup

Should You Take Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Friday Q&A: treating substance abuse; Diet Coke & cancer risk; & how to get a decent lunch on the go

The Food Group You May Be Missing

Friday Q&A: alcoholism in the family; marijuana use; food diaries; & supplements for stress

Jessica Lahey on Talking to Teens about Alcohol

Friday Q&A: Irritable Bowel; HRT & breast cancer; sudden cardiac arrest; & tinnitus

How Much Alcohol is Okay?

Friday Q&A: dismissed by doctors; ADHD vs. inattention; vaccines before visiting baby; & osteoporosis meds

Nedra Tawwab on The Freedom (and Health) of Self-Expression

Friday Q&A: Statins & muscle aches; when is pain “normal”?; opioids for rheumatoid arthritis; & chronic pain

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Six Reasons Why Therapy Might Not Be Working for You

OMG Are We Masking Again?

Pain: Is it All In Your Head?

Dr. Rachel Zoffness on Re-Conceptualizing Pain & Pain Management

Friday Q&A: BMI as bible; osteoporosis; posture & aging; & atrial fibrillation

Our Stories Live In Our Bodies

Friday Q&A: Ozempic & alcohol; social media & teens; talking to adult children about weight; & erythritol (artificial sweetener) risks

Health is a Process, Not an Outcome

Health is a Process, Not an Outcome

Friday Q&A: urinary infections & incontinence; estrogen use in breast cancer patients; testosterone for women; & pelvic floor dysfunction

What Can Our Pelvic Floor Teach us About Motherhood?

Jessica Grose on the State of American Motherhood

An Invitation to a Zoom Hangout with Me!

Friday Q&A: new mammogram guidelines; vitamin D; men asking for help; & preventing caregiver burnout

Can Humor Heal?

Caitlin Murray on the Healing Power of Humor

Friday Q&A: on antidepressants; inattention; social anxiety; & “am I taking too many meds?”

Can Therapy Be Bad For You?

Dr. Samantha Boardman on Turning Stress into Strength

Friday Q&A: masks; long COVID; new COVID treatments; & waning immunity

To Boost or Not to Boost?

Friday Q&A: on "leaky gut"; artificial sweeteners; anxiety & gastrointestinal woes; & when to take a probiotic & test my microbiome?

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Trust Your Gut

Trust Your Gut

Friday Q&A: binge eating; probiotics; talking to teen boys about food; & the Mediterranean diet

What's Eating You?

Melissa Urban on Overcoming Addiction

Friday Q&A: Low Back Pain; Full Body MRIs; Sustainable Exercise; & OUCH My Ribs Hurt!

How to Turn Injury into Opportunity

How to Turn Injury into Opportunity

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Friday Q&A about Teens: Emotional Eating; Marijuana Overuse; When Screens are Too Much; & Bedtime Routine Hacks

Adolescent Mental Health & Parenting

Dr. Lisa Damour on The Emotional Lives of Teenagers

Friday Q&A: Correcting internal narratives about Weight; Alcohol & Social Anxiety; Unknown Family History; Hormones & Heart Disease; & “Keto” Dieting

What stories do you tell yourself?

Dr. Suzanne Koven on Why Storytelling Matters in Medicine

Friday Q&A: on Risks After COVID; Booster Shots; New Vaccine Formulas; & COVID During Pregnancy

COVID Take Three

A COVID Roundup: Where to Go Now?

Friday Q&A: Help with Infertility; When to Freeze Eggs; Anxiety about So Many Pills; & Finding a Therapist

Medical Mysteries #2: A Case of Burning Mouth Syndrome

Are Fertility & Femininity Inseparable?

Chrysta Bilton on Fertility, Femininity & Uncovering Family Secrets

Friday Q&A: Diet Coke; Stomach Woes; Strength Training for Beginners; & Finding the Right Doctor for Menopause

What Are You Feeding Your Brain?

A video explainer about Ozempic & my approach to the subject of weight loss

What Are You Feeding Your Brain?

Friday Q&A: On Treating Heartburn; Selecting the Best Doctor; Insomnia; & How to Triage Your Medical “To-Dos”

Can Exercise Be Unhealthy?

Natalia Petrzela on America's Fitness Obsession

Friday Q&A: On Choosing a Doctor; Ozempic downsides; Long COVID; & Caregiver Burnout

Invisible Suffering: Five Things You Need to Know About End-of-Life Decisions

Does Invisible Suffering "Count" in the Doctor's Office?

An Invitation to a Zoom Hangout with Me!

Friday Q&A: On Ozempic; Alcohol; Hormones & Breast Cancer; & How to Ask for Help

Three Steps to Prevent Caregiver Burnout

Dr. Emily Silverman on Caring for Caregivers

Friday Q&A: On How Long to Take Antidepressants; Aging & Acceptance; Shame at the Doctor's Office, & Sleep.

Let’s Re-Conceptualize Health: Introducing the Four “I”s

Treat your Skeleton Like the Vehicle That It Is


Friday Q&A: "White Coat" Hypertension, When and How to Leave Your Doctor, Statin drugs, & COVID testing

Medical Mysteries #1: A Case of Fatigue, Memory Loss, & Family History of Dementia

Tashira Halyard on Fashion, Fearlessness, & Finding Her Voice

Bonus Q&A Newsletter: Intermittent Fasting, Antidepressants, Menopause, and COVID risk

Friday Q&A: How to talk to teens about weight, eating, and bodies

A Preview of Beyond the Prescription: Season 2!

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Friday Q&A: a special feature on the new variant

It’s Okay to Not Be Okay

Friday Q&A: mental health, urinary woes, masking, & bedraggled motherhood

Is Dry January a Good Idea?